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2015 Markers

Happy New Year, everyone. Last night, a group of family members and friends sat around our living room and shared 15 memories with each other that mark 2015. Here were mine in no paticular order:

1. Did the William Menzies Lectureship at the Asia Pacific Theological Seiminary in Bagiuo City, Philippines.

2. Stepped down as Ronald J. Sider Associate Professor of Holisic Ministry at Palmer Theological Seminary and as co-President of Evangelicals for Social Action. Thought I was going to be these for life, but God had other plans.

3. Lost a good friend and kindred spirit Reverend Robert S. Miller to cancer. See you on the other side, Bob!

4. Participated in ESA's Oriented to Love Dialogue. learning how to love across the divide between straight Christians and gay Christians. What does it mean for us to love one another amid differences?

5. Our Candace became the director of Mustard Seed Preschool. Good to see her use her leadership gifts to serve families in Berkeley, CA.

6. Installed as Executive Minister of Serve Globally, the international ministries of the Evangelical Covenant Church. This included a faculty appointment at North Park Theological Seminary as Affiliate Associate Professor of Missional and Global Leadership. What a beautiful surprise to be able to serve my denomination in this way.

7. Left Philadelphia and moved to Chicago. Bought a house in Chi-town and saw Praxis House in Philly become Beatpeace House at the creative hands of Christian and Shanae Savage-Tizon.

8. Went to Greece with Janice to attend Zoey's graduation from the Greek Bible College. Our little global theologian.

9. Attended our son-in-law Edwin's graduation at Gonzaga University with his masters in sports management.

10. Went to Quito, Ecuador to meet leaders of the Covenant Church in Ecuador, as well as the missionaries who serve in both Ecuador and Colombia.

11. Went to various cities and villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo also to meet Covenant church leaders and missionaries who serve there. Met a lot of beautiful children along the way!

12. Spoke at North Park Theological Seminary Convocation.

13. Responded to a paper at the Symposium on Race at North Park Theological Seminary.

14. Our Corrie got engaged to one Zachary Williams! Family members are in the relection of the famous Bean in Chicago.

15. Had the whole family in Chicago in our new home for the Holydays.

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