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Closer to the Light - January 1

Exodus 19:17-21

If I Ever Get to See Your Face

If I ever get to see your face, and if you will spare me

I know that my allegiance to the human race will not ensnare me

Our longing after God—our desire to draw yet closer to the divine—is the key to keeping ourselves from being sucked mercilessly into the vortex of the world’s system. Some would say that if we just attain a certain level of holiness, then and only then are we in a place to draw near. If this were the case, then who can possibly take even a first step toward Holy God?

Like the Israelites of old, we would tremble in our shortcomings, shrink back in our inadequacies, become paralyzed in our sins. At best, we would muster up enough confidence to seek a go-between in order to approach Holy God, the Wholly Other.

The good news of grace is that God wants our fellowship; our condition is irrelevant. We could find ourselves in desperate straits. Or we may think that our accumulated sins have permanently disqualified us. It’s too late to turn. The door is shut. We see only God’s back. There is no hope.

This is simply not true, fellow sojourners. God is the father of the prodigals! We seek God’s face, God’s mind, God’s voice, not because we’re worthy, but because we’re desperate.

May the beginning of a new year find us seeking, poised to feel God’s transforming embrace.

If I ever get to know your mind, and I survive it

I know that I will leave a way of life behind, I won’t revive it

If I Ever Get to See Your Face (Stop the Dominoes)

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